Collection: "Maggie's" Neon Giveaway

This mini-neon is not for sale.  No matter how much you offer. But we appreciate the enthusiasm of some of our customers. Thank you. You can win it though!!!

Starting January 1 2024, all purchases* will automatically be entered to win this FREE "Maggie's" mini-neon on March 1 '24... an incredible way to start the year! 

Neon deets: Approximately 20" inches wide and 7' tall, with green letters and an orange apostrophe, just like the real "Maggie's on the Hill" neon!  It's beyond cool. Trust us. It will also be delivered for FREE.  In bubble wrap. Of course. 

Perfect for home bar, game room, man cave, woman cave, dorm room & bedroom... fun! Wink. 

* Excludes book and HOOD hat, which are sold via our partners. 

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